SEMI Standard – EDA(Equipment Data Acquisition) (or Interface A)

1. The change of Semiconductor processing and manufacturing technology

1) The increase in demand of collecting fine processing data by development of semiconductor processing technology.
/ Trend of Fine Processing Development
KrF(248nm), ArF(193nm) > F2(157nm), Ar2(126nm) > EUV(13.5nm)
Litho > DubblePatterning(DPT) > QuadruplePatterning(QPT)
Nand Flash structure > 2D, 3D FinFET structure


  / The increase in demand of collecting data by development of fine processing data
: Necessity of High resolution data under 0.1 sec. by the increase of fine process section


  / The extension of TAT by the increase of process step
: The increase in demand of collecting and analyzing data for the productivity improvement and the decrease of defect rate
2) The direction of manufacturing technology by the development of process technology

2. The technology background and necessity of EDA Standard


/ According to evolution of process technology, much more Sensor Parameter and Equipment Event Data are demanded to analyze equipment capacity, transference number and productivity. (more than about 80% of the entire data)


/ SECS(Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standard) was established in 1982 mainly for the equipment control and the operation of factory system.


/ SEMI established analysis-only protocol to overcome the limitations of SECS communication Channel and to meet the demand for data analysis. It is called EDA(Equipment Data Acquisition) Standard.

3. The Merit and Effect of SEMI EDA Standard

Separation SECS Data Channel & Multi-Session

. The dispersion of System overload
. Multiple data processing per Session for Event, Trace, Alarm etc.
. Improvement of data quality and analysis efficiency by separating control data and analysis data.
. Building production big data Infra

Stabilizing production system by the independent Channel

. Directly access to the equipment and gather the fine data
. Minimizing affects on productivity even when EDA Service Down.

Supporting Data Collection Manager

. Supporting the Various Data Collection method
. Event definition based on Metadata
. Making DC Plan by engineer in person

4. EDA(Interface A) technology effect


1) The supply of Semiconductor next generation communication EDA solution 

. Providing production and quality Big Data analysis base by collecting equipment fine data (10Hz↓(1Hz))
. Secure leadership of international standard
. International competitiveness reinforcement of semiconductor and equipment companies


2) Collecting data , modeling, developing control / management solution

. Build production automation base using semiconductor communication standard
. Improve small and medium manufacturing company’s production Process and realize System Base Manufacturing

5. EDA(Interface A) ?

WSDLs and XML schemas based on SOAP XML is defined as SEMI Standard
EDA is consist of 4 parts that offer service for collecting equipment data.

6. EDA(Interface A) Scenario Overview