|           SYSTEM INTEGRATION           |

High-tech equipment, manufacture industry

We contribute to customer value creation by providing consulting and
service which is essential to improve equipment SW, develop standard interface and build the data collection

system for semiconductor & display & other industries.

|                 CONSULTING                 |

We provide the top-class education and consulting about Semiconductor Communication Standard (SECS/GEM/EDA) based on the experience of SEMI international standard (Semiconductor/Display/LED/PV etc.)


We try to contribute to the improvement of manufacturing environment
and spread the experience of advanced factory automation to other manufacture industries.

Achievements and rewards

/ SEMI Korea I&C Techinical Committee : Co-chair (2011~)
/ SEMI Standard lectures (SECS/GEM/EDA) -SEMICON Korea
/ STEP, Semiconductor association etc.
/ SEMI Standard Korean version translation
/ SEMI “Recognition Award” (2013)