The bridge of data & people, Connect to the dream factory

Infini∞A ™ (Data Collection Service Platform Based On SEMI EDA)
INFINI∞A ™ is a platform for data collection and analysis with compliance to the SEMI EDA Standard (Interface A).
It enables equipment fine data collection (less than 10Hz) and
overcomes the limit of SECS communication channel.
And it supports the construction of manufacturing big data analysis
infrastructure according to the evolution of process technology.

What is EDA?

SEMI Standard – EDA : Equipment Data Acquisition
Semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment send and receive a lot of data.
In the past, we focused on developing control techniques for how to efficiently control equipment, and these efforts have dramatically improved the performance of MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

“The bridge of data & people “

“The bridge of Data & People, Connecting to the Dream Factory“
Doople means a linked-ring between data and people.
We have a strong will to be a connector who can provide infinite data for people.
Doople will be a reliable partner in the upcoming smart information world

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